Encino Newlywed Lawyers Consider Same-Sex Marriage and Social Security


Tweet By Gerry Kane The Supreme Court’s landmark decision regarding same-sex marriage brings with it many issues that are probably best discussed with a good marriage and estate lawyer in Encino. Because of the previous inability to legally marry, many of those now looking to walk down the aisle are …

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A Hypothetical… But It Does Happen

Tweet Today we’re going to discuss a situation that happens all the time. It’s a situation that almost nobody thinks about, unless you’re an estate planning attorney, but it does occur often enough to talk about. Consider the following hypothetical: A woman, let’s call her Elizabeth, has passed away. Elizabeth …

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Intangible Estate Planning

Tweet “Intangible” Estate Planning – Thinking Beyond the Paperwork By Gerry Kane When you finally make the decision to plan your estate, you’ll hear the same words over and over again… Wills… Trusts… Revocable Trusts… Power of Attorney… Those words are the stock and trade of estate planning specialists. Tweet