Encino Newlywed Lawyers Consider Same-Sex Marriage and Social Security


Tweet By Gerry Kane The Supreme Court’s landmark decision regarding same-sex marriage brings with it many issues that are probably best discussed with a good marriage and estate lawyer in Encino. Because of the previous inability to legally marry, many of those now looking to walk down the aisle are …

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A Hypothetical… But It Does Happen

Tweet Today we’re going to discuss a situation that happens all the time. It’s a situation that almost nobody thinks about, unless you’re an estate planning attorney, but it does occur often enough to talk about. Consider the following hypothetical: A woman, let’s call her Elizabeth, has passed away. Elizabeth …

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What An Estate Planning Attorney Does (aka “Some Things I Did This Month”)

Tweet 1. Help two different clients get ready to sell a home through probate due to their family or friends who didn’t have a plan in place. Reviewed contracts, title searches, and met with brokers. 2. Work with at least half a dozen families to deal with assets after a …

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