Encino Elder Lawyer: Helping Your Parent Create Designation Documents

At a certain point, it’s very likely that your elderly parent will want or need help handling their finances. In addition, they will also be thinking more about what types of end-of-life treatments they’d like to receive. While they may already have a Power of Attorney or Advanced Health Care Directive in place….

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How to Avoid Power of Attorney Scams in Encino

Tweet Everyone has heard of the financial scams that target vulnerable seniors, even right here in Encino. Seniors are a common target for these scams because they often suffer from cognitive impairments that reduce their ability to discern legitimate requests from those that are not. One common situation is when …

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Intangible Estate Planning

Tweet “Intangible” Estate Planning – Thinking Beyond the Paperwork By Gerry Kane When you finally make the decision to plan your estate, you’ll hear the same words over and over again… Wills… Trusts… Revocable Trusts… Power of Attorney… Those words are the stock and trade of estate planning specialists. Tweet