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What is the largest sum ever bequeathed to a pet?

What is Joint Tenancy and What is Tenants in Common?  What are the differences?

If my pension is denied and I’m told I’m not eligible for a certain benefit or pension, is there anything that an attorney may be able to help me with to clarify my answers so that I do become eligible or is that answer final?

Is it really possible to plan for certain VA benefits I would be entitled do if I make certain changes in my estate and financial planning?

Who needs an estate plan?

“How can I be sure that my kids don’t lose their inheritance to  one of the predators at the court house every business day seeking those minors turning 18 and due to receive an inheritance?”

What happens if I die without a will?

What are the general benefits that I and/or my spouse may be eligible for since I am a Veteran and spent time during War?

Who hires the estate attorney when someone dies?

Can I specifically exclude someone from being an heir to my estate?

Can Someone Dispute My Life Insurance Beneficiary?

Can someone contest my selection of legally named guardians after I die?

Can I Name Separate Guardians For My Children?

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy software that allows me to prepare my own living trust?

If I create a trust, will I lose control?

What is a Living Trust?  (Avoid the scam!)


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