Encino Special Needs Lawyer: Financial Guardianship and the Autistic Adult

Autism is a spectrum, and everyone who falls on that spectrum is unique. Some will grow to be adults who can generally function in the world, make decisions on their own behalf, and effectively communicate them. Others cannot. However, all adults who reach the age of majority become independent in the eyes of the law and are presumed able to make their own decisions. Yet, some autistic adults may never be able to make some or all of the important decisions an adult has to make.

Will the VA Pay for Your Parent’s Nursing Home Care?

Nursing home care for an elderly parent can be extremely costly, which is why the government instituted different benefit programs to help seniors in need. One of these programs is administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. VA Health Care benefits are available to any veteran who served in the United States military on active service, and received any discharge from service other than a dishonorable discharge. VA Health Care benefits provide coverage for doctor and specialist visits, mental health care services, and in-patient hospital stays, in addition to long and short term stays in nursing homes.

Encino Estate Attorney: Proper Estate Planning in a Blended Family

Blended families are increasingly common, occurring when two people enter into a subsequent marriage after prior marriages end in death or divorce. While these relationships present many opportunities for joy and happiness, they also bring with them unique estate planning challenges, especially when children from previous marriages are involved. These challenges usually happen…

Encino Elder Lawyer: Helping Your Parent Create Designation Documents

At a certain point, it’s very likely that your elderly parent will want or need help handling their finances. In addition, they will also be thinking more about what types of end-of-life treatments they’d like to receive. While they may already have a Power of Attorney or Advanced Health Care Directive in place….